The Widow & Orphans Fund
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‘San Diego Police Officers’ The Widow & Orphans Fund’ kick-off event

Amy and Jim Wood (McKenzie Images)
Widows & Orphans Fund new directors Douglas W. Manchester and Casey Brown (McKenzie Images)
Bill and Cece Haynor, Jack and Kathy Dollard, Erika Spinazzola (McKenzie Images)
Widows & Orphans Fund Advisory Board of Directors (standing): Andrew Bitterlin, David Allred, Peter Mossy, Rick Mirer, Mike Conger, Mike Spinazzola. Seated: Douglas W. Manchester, Casey Brown, Brian Caster (McKenzie Images)
David and Susan Allred, Casey and Tiffany Brown (McKenzie Images)
Hosts Mike and Lori Conger, San Diego Chief of Police Dave Nisleit (McKenzie Images)
California Coast Credit Union CEO Todd Lane, San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott, Lesha Montoya Schaeffer and SDPOA Board President Detective Jack Schaeffer, California Coast Credit Union Senior Vice President of Community and Public Relations Rene McKee, California Coast Credit Union Community Relations Manager Josh Antus (McKenzie Images)
SDPOA board members Detective Paul Paxton, Officer Kayla Evans, and Sergeant Jared Wilson (McKenzie Images)