RSF Rotary Serenade
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RSF Rotary Serenade

Bobbi Taylor, Connie Sundstrum, Jen Koehnen, Susan Callahan, RSF Rotary Board Secretary Paulette Britton (McKenzie Images)
Brad Galvan, Amy Scruggs-Galvan, Jerah Payne, Past President Luis Carranza (McKenzie Images)
Robin Chappelow, Angelica Rodriguez, Past President Luis Carranza, Sheila Godkin (McKenzie Images)
Scott and Noemi Ashline, Steve and Judy Rowles (McKenzie Images)
Dulc√© Cazares, Nicole and Mario Fields, Bertha de la Fuente, Luc Welson (McKenzie Images)
Dylan and Holly Stamer, Beverly Robinson, Robin Chappelow, Susan Callahan (McKenzie Images)
Charlie Yim and Jade Lee, Karine Lion, Thom Tullis (McKenzie Images)
Eric Docter, Mary Raser, Nicky and RSF Rotary President Mike Taylor Mike Taylor (McKenzie Images)
Eamon Callahan, RSF Rotary President Mike Taylor, John Robinson, Mark Rodriguez (McKenzie Images)
Hosts Karla and Bill Banning (McKenzie Images)
Tracy Hanak and Will Kautz (McKenzie Images)
Nira and Emil, Beth Dabby, Elise Dabby (McKenzie Images)
CIM Chamber Orchestra members (McKenzie Images)