RSF Rotary Club members honor past member Bill Herrick
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RSF Rotary Club members honor past member Bill Herrick

Son Bill Herrick, daughter Leann Herrick-VanLangan, and Donna Herrick are presented a posthumous award by President Luis Carranza, honoring the generosity and work of the late Bill Herrick (McKenzie Images)
Sophia Alsadek, Katherine Foster, Susan Callahan, Carrie Woodland (McKenzie Images)
Guests (McKenzie Images)
President Luis Carranza (center) recognized Norma Wiberg, Robin Chappelow, Heather Manion, and Jamie Palizban for their dedicated Rotary service (McKenzie Images)
Bill Herrick’s daughter Leann Herrick-VanLangan spoke about her father  (McKenzie Images)
Roshanak Clune, Norma Wiberg (McKenzie Images)
Dick Showen (second from right) read excerpts from Bill Herrick’s book with Chuck LiMandri, Carl Larson, Robin Chappelow, Heather Manion, Lou Baeriswyl and President Luis Carranza  (McKenzie Images)
Carl Larson presents an award to Donna Hendrick, in recognition of the work of her recently departed husband Bill Herrick (McKenzie Images)