RSF Art Guild Pop-Up Gallery show and sale
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RSF Art Guild Pop-Up Gallery show and sale

Guests (McKenzie Images)
Artist Jennifer Hurley (McKenzie Images)
Neda Noorani, Sharon Schulzki (McKenzie Images)
Artist Carol Harter (McKenzie Images)
Artist Rick Hrga (McKenzie Images)
Artist Margot Wallace (McKenzie Images)
Artist Coca Astey (McKenzie Images)
Event chair/RSF Art Guild Board Treasurer Dick Chandler (McKenzie Images)
Artist Jennifer Nelson (McKenzie Images)
Artist Pat Beck (McKenzie Images)
Artist Renata Shafor (McKenzie Images)
Artist Teresa White (McKenzie Images)
Carrie Woodland, event co-chair Cindy Klong, Diana Weiss Wisdom, Sophia Alsadek (McKenzie Images)
RSF Art Guild President Gale Summerfield (McKenzie Images)
Event co-chair Cindy Klong (McKenzie Images)
Sculptor/artist Dale Steffen (McKenzie Images)
Artist Alex Shaefer (McKenzie Images)
Artist Carole Slief Dowling (McKenzie Images)