RSF Rotary Club hosts Holiday Party
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Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club hosts Holiday Party

Ron Elgart, Patrick Galvin (McKenzie Images)
Roshanak Clune, Susan Callahan (McKenzie Images)
Hal Baerg, Rita Kosztolnik, Tyler McQuillan, Lauren Bushman (McKenzie Images)
Sophia Alsadek, Carrie Underwood, Leonard Simpson (McKenzie Images)
Alan and Lori Balfour, Ron Elgart, Paulette and Brad Britton (McKenzie Images)
Dan and Norma Wiberg (McKenzie Images)
Irina and Michael Tseitlin, RSF Rotary Immediate Past President Susan Callahan (McKenzie Images)
Claude Kordus, Rita Kosztolnik (McKenzie Images)
Roshanak Clune (McKenzie Images)
RSF Rotary President Luis Carranza and Erica Vautier (McKenzie Images)
Roshanak Clune (McKenzie Images)
Chris and Denise Korenek, Lauren Reynolds and Brian Connelly (McKenzie Images)
Will and Robin Chappelow, Vearl and Mary Ann Smith, RSF Rotary Immediate Past President Susan and Eamon Callahan (McKenzie Images)
Lou Baeriswyl, Irene Perry, Jere Oren (McKenzie Images)
Mike McCarthy, Colleen Sansone, Steve and Judy Rowles (McKenzie Images)
Richard and Sharon Fogg, Tamara and Scott Renne (McKenzie Images)
Heather Manion and Alec Oberschmidt (McKenzie Images)
Melissa Grajek, RSF Rotary past President Greg and Cindy Grajek, Juleane Petersen (McKenzie Images)