Rancho Days: Oktoberfest
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Rancho Days: Oktoberfest

Gunter Enz, Kathy and David Hewitt, Kim Enz (McKenzie Images)
Rex, Elisa, and Reese Lao (McKenzie Images)
Todd Neal, Chloe, Jean Logan, Barbara Rosebrock, Brady, Sarah Neal (McKenzie Images)
Four generations: Mary Miller, Ann Dye, Maile and Jason Cuffel with baby James (McKenzie Images)
Betsy Ring, Chuck Courtney, Debbie and Allan Creel (McKenzie Images)
Helen and Rev. Dr. Jack Baca, David Dominguez, Bill Shrader (standing), Martha Dominguez, Lyn Lloyd-Smith (McKenzie Images)
Chuck and Gail Kendall (standing), Dick and Sioux Colbourne, Beatriz and Ed Coffey (McKenzie Images)
Lynn and David Moon (McKenzie Images)
Bob and Jeanette Friedman, Pam and John Blakely (McKenzie Images)
Karen Warren, The Kalklosch family (McKenzie Images)
Shannon McCarthy, Christy Whalen, Brooke Nichols, Carlin Vance (McKenzie Images)