Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 109th Anniversary Charity Ball
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Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 109th Anniversary Charity Ball

Michael Connolly and Julie Gildred Connolly, Alison and George Gildred (she chaired 1976 CB) (Vincent Andrunas)
Charity Ball guests dining in The Hotel Del Coronado’s Crown Room (Vincent Andrunas)
Floral centerpiece (Vincent Andrunas)
Richard Hernandez, Michala Lawrence, Leonard Simpson (Vincent Andrunas)
Thompson and Jane Fetter (she chaired 2002 CB), JJ Fetter and John Reichel (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. John and Dulie Ahlering (she chaired 2003 CB; co-chaired 2010), Mary and James Ledwith (Vincent Andrunas)
Matthew and Danielle Adams, Amee Alagiri, Catie and John Griffith (Vincent Andrunas)
Amy Hart, Dr. Kelly Swords, Perla Brownlie (Vincent Andrunas)
Jonathan and Brooke Elsberry, Bonnie and John Rush (CB program editor) (Vincent Andrunas)
John Thornton, Anne Evans (sponsor; she chaired 1974 CB) (Vincent Andrunas)
Bill and Susan Evans (Vincent Andrunas)
Fran Golden (she chaired 1981 CB), Pam and Jim LaMontia (Vincent Andrunas)
Dan and Barbie Spinazzola, Betty and Dr. Leonard Kornreich (he’s past Rady’s chief of staff)  (Vincent Andrunas)
Bonnie Wright, Dave and Phyllis Snyder (she chaired 2008 CB), Richard and Jeri Rovsek, Judy White (Vincent Andrunas)
Mary Alice Brady, Chris and Viki Eddy (Vincent Andrunas)
Phil and Catherine Blair, Linda and Mel Katz (they chaired 1999 CB) (Vincent Andrunas)
Carlos Avi Ganem, Nancy Cherashore (Vincent Andrunas)
John Rebelo and Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo (Vincent Andrunas)
Jennifer Kornreich, Dr. Leonard and Betty Kornreich (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Tatiana Kisseleva and Dr. David Brenner (UCSD Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences), Dr. Vanessa Wertheim (Vincent Andrunas)
Jessie Knight Jr. and Joye Blount, Brad Benter (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Sara Vaughn, Don and Kathryn Vaughn (Vincent Andrunas)
Brian and Gwynn Thomas (she’ll chair 2019 CB), Ellen and Jim Moxham (she chaired 2016 CB), Clarice and Bill Perkins (she chaired 2014 CB) (Vincent Andrunas)
Stuart and Susan Wilson, Nelly and Eric Wilson (Vincent Andrunas)
Stuart and Susan Wilson, Nelly and Eric Wilson (Vincent Andrunas)
Junior Theatre singers at pre-ball reception (Vincent Andrunas)
Steve Jennings (Rady Children’s sr. VP), Marc and Nancie Geller Ball (she’s Ball co-chair; also chaired 2013 CB), Richard Bailey (Coronado Mayor), Phylicia Cicalo-Aiken (Ball chair) and Joseph Aiken, Dr. Donald Kearns (Rady Children’s president/CEO) (Vincent Andrunas)
John and Phyllis Parrish (she chaired 2017 CB), Jeanne Jones, Kristi Pieper (co-chaired 2015 CB), Roxi and Judge Fred Link (she chaired 2015 CB) (Vincent Andrunas)
Christina Maggiora, Dr. Bill and Barbara McColl (she chaired 1995 CB), Bridgett Brown (Rady Children’s Auxiliary president), Dr. Joseph and Andrea Schmidt  (Vincent Andrunas)
Jere Oren and Joyce Dagle Oren (sponsors), Emmy and Mike Casinghino, Erin and Corey Wiadt (Vincent Andrunas)