Oscar Awards Viewing Part
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Oscar Awards Viewing Party benefits San Diego Film Foundation

Laura Powers, Liese Cornwell, Axel DeGorsiac, Terri Stanley, Rawlins Heaton (Vincent Andrunas)
Homeowners: James and Sudie Khazian (Vincent Andrunas)
Kelly Cole, Jessica Cline (Vincent Andrunas)
Susan Lane, Eva O’Keefe, Laura Paulson (Vincent Andrunas)
Carrie Woodland, Sophia Alsadek, Lisa Sullivan, Diana Shapiro (Vincent Andrunas)
Overhead party view (Vincent Andrunas)
Steve Cologne, Jolane and Kevin Crawford (Vincent Andrunas)
Overhead party view (Vincent Andrunas)
Vicky Carlson (SDFF Foundation CFO/secretary), Sonya Berg (SDFF ambassador), Stephanie Brown (SDFF ambassador) (Vincent Andrunas)
Kyle and Scott Stevens, Michelle Graham (Vincent Andrunas)
Richard Cox, Linda Karimi, Jeanne Jones and Don Breitenberg (Vincent Andrunas)
Jenny Schmidt, Kevin Vernon, Fay Stassis (Vincent Andrunas)
Jody Austin, Julie Potiker (Vincent Andrunas)
Malgorzata Wietszka-Slocomb, George and Abeer Hage (Vincent Andrunas)
Kelly Cole, Shannon Hellmers, Shante Schwarz (Vincent Andrunas)
Carol Lorsch, Eden Algie, Evva Fenison (Vincent Andrunas)
David Rollins, Aimee Meals, Leonard Simpson, Lynne and Dr. Steve Wheeler (Vincent Andrunas)
Fenner Milton, Garna Muller (Vincent Andrunas)
Patti Judd (SDFF V.P., co-founder), Kristi Pieper (event honorary chair), Tonya Mantooth (SDFF executive and artistic director, co-founder) (Vincent Andrunas)
Ben Kaufman, Karen Fox (Vincent Andrunas)
Event celebrity chefs: Drew McPartlan (Chef Drew Catering/Second Nature Catering), Bernard Guillas (Marine Room executive chef), Shelly Belez (Pillbox Tavern executive chef), Daniel Salgado (Galaxy Taco sous chef), Damaso Lee (Private Chef/Private Catering) (Vincent Andrunas)
Don and Kathryn Vaughn, Barbara and Dr. Howard Milstein (Vincent Andrunas)