North Coast Rep Theatre Gala Patron Party
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North Coast Rep Theatre Gala Patron Party

Rick Ochocki (NCRT incoming Director of Development), Patty Moises (NCRT board secretary) (Vincent Andrunas)
Jeffrey and Sheila Lipinsky (2018 NCRT Champion of the Arts honorees); Barbara Hoffer, Leonard Hirsch (2017 NCRT Champion of the Arts honorees) (Vincent Andrunas)
Jenny Freeborn, Laurel McCrink, Bobbie Ball (Vincent Andrunas)
Jon Tedesco, Marilyn and Lou Tedesco (Vincent Andrunas)
Jere and Joyce Oren, Judy and Dr. Allen Moffson (Vincent Andrunas)
Jim and Debra Lampley (hosts), Carolyn and Dr. John Strauss (Vincent Andrunas)
Rafael and Marina Pastor, John Weil, Bill Kerlin (NCRT managing director) (Vincent Andrunas)
Marc and Wendy Tayer, Ryan Belmer (Vincent Andrunas)
David Ellenstein (NCRT artistic director), Hannah Step (NCRT board VP), Lisa Cohen, Michael Step (Vincent Andrunas)
Hon. H. Lee Sarokin and Marge Sarokin, Denise Young, Berit and Tom Durler (Vincent Andrunas)
Jay and Julie Sarno (he’s NCRT board VP; she’s Director of Development), Gigi Cramer, Sharon Stein (NCRT board president), David Laing  (Vincent Andrunas)