Monte Carlo gala raises funds for MCASD
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Monte Carlo gala raises funds for MCASD

Anthony Graham, Michelle Butler, Adah Almutairi, Gad Shaanan (Vincent Andrunas)
Ben Strauss-Malcolm, Nancy and Matt Browar (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Richard Leung, Hanaa Zahran, Mary Lyman, Nina and Bob Doede (Vincent Andrunas)
Don and Kathryn Vaughn, Nancy and Matt Browar, Bernadette Bach, Larry Katz (Vincent Andrunas)
Mitch and Rebecca Mitchell, Nevins and Margret McBride, Jennifer and Dr. Richard Greenfield (Vincent Andrunas)
David and Lisa Casey, Steve Strauss and Lise Wilson, Carmela and Miguel Koenig (Vincent Andrunas)
John Dineen, Jennifer Nelson, Marcia Hazan, Mark Cammell (Vincent Andrunas)
Pauline Beausoleil and Hossein Moradi (Vincent Andrunas)
Braydon and Allison Hamilton (Vincent Andrunas)
Tamara Strauss, Elizabeth Yang-Hellewell (Vincent Andrunas)
Ron and Dr. Monica Perlman, Sheryl and Harvey White, Tamara Strauss, Thomas Melody (Vincent Andrunas)
Irwin and Joan Jacobs (she’s gala co-chair), Karen and Don Cohn (she’s gala co-chair), Kathryn Kanjo (MCASD director/CEO), Iris and Matthew Strauss (event hosts; she’s gala co-chair) (Vincent Andrunas)
Kit and Karen Sickels (Vincent Andrunas)
Hal and Debby Jacobs, Gen and Paul Jacobs (Vincent Andrunas)
Cris Scorza, Einar De La Torre, Chi Essary (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Ivor Royston and Colette Carson Royston (Vincent Andrunas)
Eve Benton, Jeanne Jones, Valerie and Harry Cooper, Lori and Bill Walton (Vincent Andrunas)
Brent Nestor, Carol Randolph, Hilary Caplan Somorjai and John Somorjai (Vincent Andrunas)
Jennifer Sexton Ornburg, Neil Hadfield and Margaret Jackson (Vincent Andrunas)
Matthew and Kendall Helm, Melissa and Erbin Keith (Vincent Andrunas)
Garna Muller, Marcia Hazan, Jennifer Nelson, Maryanne Pfister (Vincent Andrunas)
The dining venue and stage (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Monica Perlman, Rusti Bartell, Karen Fox, Ben Kaufman (Vincent Andrunas)
Garna Muller, Marcia Hazan, Jennifer Nelson (Vincent Andrunas)
Candace Cohen, Ann Spira, Sekhar Chivukula (UCSD physics professor), Elizabeth Simmons (UCSD executive vice chancellor of academic affairs) (Vincent Andrunas)
Peter and Peggy Preuss, Dagmar Smek, Arman Oruc (Vincent Andrunas)
The dining venue and stage (Vincent Andrunas)
Reza and Malea Zafari, Cindy and Norm Fjeldheim (Vincent Andrunas)