Midway Patriot Award goes to Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly
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Midway Patriot Award goes to Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly

Phil and Connie Conard (she’s event chair), Hon. Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly (American Patriot Award honorees), Ann and Ben Haddad (honorary chairs), Nora McLaughlin, Tony Orlando, Mac McLaughlin (RADM, USN, Ret.; USS Midway President/CEO)  (Vincent Andrunas)
Daniel Beintema (USS Midway Foundation president), Norma Nicolls (USS Midway director of major gifts), Don Rosenberg, Sara Hanscomb (USS Midway education director), Ronne Froman-Blue (RADM, USN, Ret.; USS Midway board chair) and Linden Blue (Vincent Andrunas)
USS Gabrielle Giffords leadership: Jay and Kemberly Hopkins (he’s Command Master Chief), Matt and Kristi Lehmann (he’s Commanding Officer), Jennifer and Brian Luebbert (he’s Executive Officer)  (Vincent Andrunas)
Karin Winner, Grace Cherashore, Spencer Cherashore, Anne Evans, David Cherashore (Vincent Andrunas)
Jim and Vangie Regan, Ryan and Chris Heritage (he’s BGEN, USMC), Diane and Robert Modrzejewski (he’s Col., USMC, Ret.) (Vincent Andrunas)
Mike and Annette Gafa, Jordan Gafa, Hailey Waitt, Mike Gafa Jr., Len Santiago (USS Midway chief engineer) (Vincent Andrunas)
John and Sarah Hawkins (he’s USS Midway immediate past board chair), Gov. Pete and Gayle Wilson, Claudia Kelly, Mark Sundman (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Peter and Donna Martin, Cheryl Mitchell, De Anna and Rodger Dougherty (Vincent Andrunas)
Suzanne Propper, Guy Freeborn (Vincent Andrunas)
Nikki and Ben Clay, Laurel McCrink (Vincent Andrunas)
Tony Orlando, Stacy and Don Rosenberg (Vincent Andrunas)
Katherine and Dane Chapin, Debbie Day (Vincent Andrunas)
Mike and Martha McKinnon (Vincent Andrunas)
Annie and David Malcolm, Dianne Bashor (Vincent Andrunas)
Laura and Donald Malcolm, Susan Munao (she’s Tony Orlando’s manager) (Vincent Andrunas)