Hot Havana Night Gala
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Hot Havana Night Gala

Edward Carmona, Jason Jarvis, Robert Strickland, Todd La Rocca (McKenzie Images)
Board President Mae Rhoten, Taryn Jones, Michelle Kim, Heather Mubarak (McKenzie Images)
Classic cars brought back memories of old Havana (McKenzie Images)
Sonic K9 filled the venue with hot Havanna music (McKenzie Images)
Tony and Cindy Moran, Denise Phillips and Paul Myers (McKenzie Images)
Guests (McKenzie Images)
Brandon and Kristy Moran (McKenzie Images)
Monique and Jerome Strack, RSF Community Center Executive Director Linda Durket (McKenzie Images)
Lila and Jason Jarvis (McKenzie Images)
Samantha and Mark Shields (McKenzie Images)
Gala co-chairs Melissa Rene and Sarah Shaffer (McKenzie Images)
Burnet and Molly Wohlford (McKenzie Images)
Parker Poole, Jesse Menashe, John and Erin Naviaux (McKenzie Images)
Honorary event chair Nicole Mikles, Past Board President Molly Wohlford (McKenzie Images)