High Holiday story time and craft event
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High Holiday story time and craft event

Ivy (McKenzie Images)
Zoe puts the finishing touches on her card (McKenzie Images)
Devorah Raskin teaches Audrey how to blow the Shofar (McKenzie Images)
Lily and Samantha (McKenzie Images)
Blowing the Shofar is not as easy as it looks (McKenzie Images)
Martina and Maggie (McKenzie Images)
Makena and Evie (McKenzie Images)
Ivy and Zoe making their cards (McKenzie Images)
Devorah Raskin reacts as Brady demonstrates his proficiency with the Shofar (McKenzie Images)
Devorah Raskin and Brady introduce the Shofar to the children (McKenzie Images)
Devorah Raskin tells a story (McKenzie Images)
Brady and Layla (McKenzie Images)
Children listen intently to the story (McKenzie Images)
Children’s librarian Laurie Knodle shows the children the new year cards they will be making (McKenzie Images)