‘Girls of Solana Santa Fe Father Daughter Dance’
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‘Girls of Solana Santa Fe Father Daughter Dance’

Eric Hicks with Julia and Olivia, Ian Barrow with Grace (McKenzie Images)
The pretty girls in the back row are Soleil, Grace, Olivia, Julia, Hailey, Julia. The pretty girls in the front are Valentina, Annabelle, Keela, Dylan, Kylie, Paige, Madeleine. (McKenzie Images)
Stefan Gustavsson with Wilma (McKenzie Images)
Todd Jester with Addison (McKenzie Images)
Emily Ramirez, Judy Hicks, Raya Halabo, Beverly Barrow, Lisa Matsumoto (McKenzie Images)
The Solana Santa Fe Father-Daughter Dance Committee members with their daughters (McKenzie Images)
Leo Morales with Olivia, Ben Baghdadi with Nava (McKenzie Images)
Karson Kupiec with Dylan (McKenzie Images)
Steve Ybarra with Eliana (McKenzie Images)
Andy Vanderwiel with Hali (McKenzie Images)
Lincoln Horton with Keela, Sam Halabo with Kylie, Annabelle, and Hailey (McKenzie Images)
Reid Middleton with Paige, Huu Hoang and Frank Kehart with Madeline (McKenzie Images)
Dwight McCardwell with Chloe, Robert Blake with Sierra (McKenzie Images)