Doggie Gras Parade
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Doggie Gras Parade

Nicole Pleskow with daughter Noelle and Kiki (McKenzie Images)
Bailey at the Judge’s table  (McKenzie Images)
Terrie Sutphin with Honey (McKenzie Images)
Jeanne Patten with Sammy (McKenzie Images)
Terry Lamb with Otis (McKenzie Images)
Sammy owned by Jeanne Patten (McKenzie Images)
Ana Baldwin, Leah McCormack with Sparrow (McKenzie Images)
Teri Pobre with Missy, Jan Savage with Sir Ruffles (McKenzie Images)
Edward (holding Ally) and Rose Miller, with Samuel and Jasmine (McKenzie Images)
Janice Omdalen with Harley (McKenzie Images)
TV cameras were on hand to capture the action (McKenzie Images)
Helen Woodward volunteer Cathy Gross, Community Fundraising Coordinator Stefani Mills, volunteer Beth Eastes, San Diego Pet Training trainer Erika Mijuskovic (McKenzie Images)
Lori Birchell with Troop 4204 Brownies Riley, Addison, Jaden, and Patricia (McKenzie Images)
Lucky lead the parade (McKenzie Images)