Art Alive Premiere Dinner
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Art Alive Premiere Dinner

Charles and Sarah Zuckerman (Vincent Andrunas)
Centerpiece decoration in Rotunda (Vincent Andrunas)
Karen and Don Cohn (Vincent Andrunas)
Denise Lara, Steve Thornton (Vincent Andrunas)
Eric and Zoe Kleinbub, Inna and James Kelly, Lorna York and George Theodorakos (Vincent Andrunas)
Kathleen Connor, May Zawaideh (Vincent Andrunas)
Gordon and Robin Carrier (Vincent Andrunas)
Clinton Walters and Vince Heald, Joanie and Roy Polatchek (Vincent Andrunas)
Debra and Peter Drake (Vincent Andrunas)
Romin Behseta and Alexis Ranglas-Behseta (she’s a Bloom Bash chair), Jeannie and Gerry Ranglas  (Vincent Andrunas)
Michael and Susanna Flaster, Lisa and Charles Hellerich (Vincent Andrunas)
Hudson and Mary Drake, John Thornton, Anne Evans (Vincent Andrunas)
Don and Linda Swortwood, Linda and Andrew Shelton (Vincent Andrunas)
Rebecca and Mitch Mitchell (he’s a Bloom Bash chair), Jacki Johnson-Widder and Dr. Ken Widder, Micki Olin and Dr. Reid Abrams  (Vincent Andrunas)
Ariel Plotek (SDMA modern and contemporary art curator), Sheryl and Harvey White (Rotunda underwriters), Nancy Lorenz (Moon Gold exhibition artist) and Douglas Schwalbe, Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz (Rotunda designers) (Vincent Andrunas)
Frank and Lee Goldberg, Julie and Tom Karlo (Vincent Andrunas)
Harry and Valerie Cooper (she’s Premiere Dinner chair), Lynda and Rich Kerr (she’s Premiere Dinner chair), Roxana Velásquez (SDMA executive director), Toni Bloomberg (Premiere Dinner chair), Demi and Frank Rogozienski (she’s Premiere Dinner chair) (Vincent Andrunas)
Debbie Turner, Robert and Tatiana Dotson, Jeanne Jones, Taffin and Gene Ray (she’s SDMA board president elect)  (Vincent Andrunas)
Tatiana and Robert Dotson, Jeanne Jones, John Rebelo and Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo (Vincent Andrunas)