3rd Annual UCP Comedy Night
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3rd Annual UCP Comedy Night

The evening’s entertainers: Gregg Otto, Emcee Russ T. Nailz, Allen Havey, and Steve Kelley (McKenzie Images)
John Barbour and Jamie Carr (standing), Kathryne and Patrick Morse (McKenzie Images)
Vickie Hamilton, Haly Lewis, Michelle Mathis (McKenzie Images)
Lori Litchfield, Ron Stinner, Angie Gange, Melody Brue, Caehle and Michael Wieand (McKenzie Images)
Laura Kurlansky, Greg Tims, Dennis Roberts, Lisa Fincher (McKenzie Images)
Wayne Woodyard, Emcee Russ T. Nailz, Paul Benec (McKenzie Images)
Television personality Sully Sullivan, Nina Detrow, Dan Negroni, Tracy Weaver (McKenzie Images)
Sherry Hernandez, Linda Alessio, June Feldman, Nina Detrow (McKenzie Images)
Jerry Anderson, Barbara London, Chris Stewart, Jason White, Frances Anderson (McKenzie Images)
Emcee Russ T. Nailz and friends (McKenzie Images)
Griffin Jimenez, Sandi Weaver, Gretchen Jimenez (McKenzie Images)