2019 Opera Lover’s Ball
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San Diego Opera Lover’s Ball

Robert Kaplan (he’s SDO board president) and Marina Baroff, John Rebelo and Sarah B. Marsh Rebelo (she’s ball chair), David Bennett (SDO general director), Lee and Frank Goldberg (gala honorees; she’s SDO honorary life director) (Vincent Andrunas)
Jessica Rohm, Jane and Eric Sagerman, Sacha Boutros, Linda Chester (Vincent Andrunas)
Dea and Osborn Hurston (Vincent Andrunas)
Lucian Iancovici, Elyssa Rosenberg, Michael Weiner, Annie Ulevitch, Nicole and Kevin Forrest (Vincent Andrunas)
Salvatore DiSomma, Dr. Tatiana Kisseleva, Richard Campione, Linda Spuck (SDO board member), Carlo Rooney and Ron Rooney (Vincent Andrunas)
Dakota Amber, Dr. Roger Mills (SDO board member), Zandra Rhodes (SDO board member), Katie Mills, Dr. Linda Mills (Vincent Andrunas)
Al and Armi Williams, Laurel McCrink, Regina Kurtz, Ruth and Ron Leonardi (he’s SDO board member) (Vincent Andrunas)
Peter Shavitz (SDO individual giving officer), Carolyn and Edward Parrish (Vincent Andrunas)
Fenner Milton, Margot Wallace, Edward and Martha Dennis, Rebecca and Mitch Mitchell (Vincent Andrunas)
Justin Tipp-Rebelo, Colleen Campbell, Jason Kaimer (Vincent Andrunas)
Dr. Roger Mills (SDO board member), Katie Mills, Dr. Linda Mills, Marina Baroff and Robert Kaplan (he’s SDO board president) (Vincent Andrunas)
Clay MacLeod, Sherry Ahern, Margot and Dennis Doucette, Jane and Eric Sagerman (Vincent Andrunas)
Olesya Lombrozo, Eli and Diana Lombrozo, Anne Nagorner (Vincent Andrunas)
Don and Stacy Rosenberg (she’s SDO board member), Andrea Puente Catan (SDO major gift officer), Peter Farrell (Vincent Andrunas)