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2018 San Diego Opera Ball ‘Pretty in Pink’

Kevin and Sherry Ahern (she’s gala chair), David Bennett (SDO general director), Dame Zandra Rhodes (gala honoree), Carol Lazier (SDO board chair), Salah Hassanein, James Merritt (SDO finance VP), Marina Baroff and Robert Kaplan (he’s SDO board president)  ( Vincent Andrunas / Vincent Andrunas )
Richard Hernandez, Michala Lawrence, Leonard Simpson, Teresa Castiglione, Alicia Stone (Vincent Andrunas / Vincent Andrunas)
Diana and Elie Lombrozo, Joann Clark, Joan Henkelmann, Teresa Fischlowitz, Laurie Joseph (No Source)
Richard and Susan Ulevitch, Loraine Levy, Linda Chester and Ken Rind (No Source)
Johan and Sevil Brahme, Drs. Gigi and Joseph Shurman, Doreen and Dr. Myron Schonbrun (No Source)
Dr. Richard Leung, Hanaa Zahran, Edward and Martha Dennis, Maria and Philippe Prokocimer (No Source)
Kirt and Leslie Stephenson, June Chocheles, Veronica and Miguel Leff (No Source)
Dame Zandra Rhodes (gala co-chair and honoree), Dr. Anne Hanneken, John Reis, Jeanne Jones (No Source)
George Siakotos, Andreas Hronopoulos, Britt Hackmann (No Source)
Katie Mills, Dakota Scoppettuolo (Rhodes’ assistant digital designer), Kellee Ybarra (all are modeling Zandra Rhodes designs)  ( Vincent Andrunas / Vincent Andrunas )
Ruth and Ron Leonardi, Sylvia Smith (No Source)
Leo and Emma Zuckerman, Betty and Leonard Kornreich (No Source)
Frank and Lee Goldberg, Drs. Tatiana Kisseleva and David Brenner (with Zandra Rhodes’ Griffin in background) (No Source)
Bill and Clarice Perkins, Ludvina and Sonny Nevarez (No Source)
Drs. David Brenner and Tatiana Kisseleva, Bettina Borrelli, Nancy Borrelli, Lisa and David Fisher (No Source)
Nancy Walters, Evelyn Lamden, Soo Lerche (No Source)
Hon. Fred and Roxi Link, Stephanie Brown, Merridee and Jon Book, Mimi Carreon (No Source)