Hand to Hand Grants


Over $33,000 was recently granted to four local charitable organizations by Hand to Hand, a fund of Coastal Community Foundation. Hand to Hand is now comprised of 60 women who contribute their own monies and then choose organizations to fund which enable women and girls. The fund has given $168,000 in the past six years.

This year’s recipients are: New Entra Casa, Welcome Home Ministries, Girls Rising, and Just in Time for Foster Youth.

New Entra Casa provides residential treatment in transitional housing for women being released from jail or prison. The program tries to interrupt the cycles which led to incarceration and which can be generational.

Welcome Home Ministries provides mentoring support and an exit plan for incarcerated women in transition into the community. The program trains peer mentors for these women.

Girls Rising serves 70 at-risk girls ages 6-18 to empower them though help from female mentors. The grant has enabled them to find more mentors to help more girls. The program aims for a high school graduation rate of 100 percent.

Just in Time for Foster Youth organization will have 80 women participating in the “Career Horizons for Young Women” program which provides skills to build women’s independence.

Additional information about these or other funds can be found at www.coastal

Photos by Jon Clark.