Future Legends honors Dan Green

Founding Future Legends members Vearl Smith and Gail Kendall, Eric Manese, President Dan Green and Jessica Kim, a Future Legend senior at UCSD

Future Legends honored Dan Green March 17 at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club with a most sincere thank you for his advice, counsel and support over the years.

Green has been a loyal supporter of Future Legends since its very beginnings. As Green is part of the Philadelphia Eagles sports franchise it was also the perfect opportunity for congratulations and celebration for the Eagles Super Bowl Championship.

The Future Legends scholarships program is successful because of the unwavering commitment of its founders, board, and dedicated volunteers, especially the group of mentors that work closely with each of the Future Legend scholars throughout their years at school. Future Legends strives to be the gold standard of the finest mentoring and financial aid programs in the country, serving and shaping the next generation of leaders.