RSF Women’s Fund hosts ‘Grant Proposal Presentations’ event

Grant workgroup leader Alchera Ayyad, Grant co-chair Mary Consalvi, Immediate Past Advisory Committee Chair Sandra Coufal, Grant co-chair Cynthia Hudson, Grant workgroup leader Kathy Sage
(McKenzie Images)

The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund “Grant Proposal Presentations” event took place April 23 at the RSF Golf Club.

The RSF Women’s Fund grant chairs, work groups and site visitors work hard to determine the organizations that will receive the 2019 grants. The focus is on organizations that help rebuild and strengthen women’s lives, and those that help enhance youth education, and physical and mental health.

At the April 23 event, the RSF Women’s Fund members had narrowed down the list of possible grant recipients and heard from those philanthropies. The RSF Women’s Fund Grant Awards Ceremony will be held May 15 at Del Mar Country Club. For more information, visit