Former Solana Santa Fe students return to discuss their philanthropic work with students


Torrey Pines High School students and brothers Connor, 16, and Sean, 13, Jabbar, who are graduates of Solana Santa Fe Elementary School, returned to Solana Santa Fe March 23 to speak to students about their philanthropic venture Double Peak.

The Jabbar brothers launched Double Peak on Dec. 1, 2017. Their idea was to combine their passion for the outdoors and boarding with their desire to give back to communities. Double Peak is a lifestyle-based clothing line that donates its entire proceeds to charitable causes.

In December, the Jabbar brothers were able to raise a total of $20,000 for Monarch School of San Diego, which is designed to educate homeless youth.

The Jabbar boys have brought in two more teens to support their continued efforts, including Jack Creelman, 17. Their most recent charitable partner has been the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) — a cause that hits close to home for all the boys as Jack was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes before the age of 2.

“Sean and I have seen the challenges that Jack and other Type 1 diabetics face daily, and have a lot of respect for Jack constantly moving forward and overcoming them. When Jack heard what Sean and I were doing,it was his idea to launch this next fundraising campaign. Like our motto, peaks and valleys are what Jack faces every day, and so Jack and I thought it was perfect to support a cause that is all about finding your peak,” said Connor.

The boys of Double Peak started their fundraising campaign for JDRF, “Peakin For a Cure,” Feb. 1, 2018.

Together, the boys have designed a special t-shirt specifically for this cause, and proceeds from all apparel sales will go back to JDRF to support finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

For more information on Double Peak, and the fundraising challenge for JDRF, please visit their website: and follow them on social media:Instagram: double.peak; Twitter: @double_peak; Facebook: Double Peak