RSF Senior Center hosts Healthy Aging Conference


The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center’s 4th Annual Healthy Aging Conference was a sold-out, day-long event held on April 27 at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. The day featured dynamic speakers including bestselling author and 92-year-young speaker Edith Eger, Ph.D., who presented The Celebration of Life and her choice to live a life of beauty following her years of Nazi imprisonment. She “kick started” the program by doing a high kick demonstrating her spunk and spirit along with her former talents as a ballerina.

Other speakers included Douglas Ziedonis, MD/MPH, associate vice chancellor for Health Sciences, UCSD, who presented research on spirituality and aging and how the healthcare industry is addressing the role of spirituality in wellbeing; Richard Lederer, Ph.D., bestselling author, columnist and speaker who presented The Gift of Age along with wisdom about the English language and a little look who spoke about the popular program in which he co-founded, A Way with Words.

As a feast for the eyes, stomach and brain, a delicious lunch was served and there was time to mingle and enjoy new connections and friendships, along with learning from the sponsors about the valuable resources they provide. Following a delicious lunch the Healthy Aging Conference concluded with the last two speakers, Joseph Weiss, MD, clinical professor of medicine, UCSD, who presented “World Full of Wonder!”, an uplifting conversation celebrating the five senses and equally important senses of: humor, empathy, justice and gratitude; and last, but certainly not least, Lisa Eyler, Ph.D., professor in residence, UCSD, who presented research findings on healthy brain aging and what brain scans such as fMRI show in terms of evidence of the aging brain. Visit