Dragon edges out Pink Eraser to win Pack 720 Pinewood Derby


Ask any adult who was once a Cub Scout what their favorite memories of scouting are, and somewhere near the top of the list you’ll hear “the Pinewood Derby.” Last Saturday, Jan. 13, over 40 Cub Scouts of Pack 720 carried on that fun tradition in their own 2018 Pinewood Derby. With entries named “Jedi Luke’s X-Wing”, “Hammerhead Shark,” “Zelda Shield,” and even “The Stick,” it was a colorful and diverse collection of entries to cheer for on race day. The event was held at the St Therese of Carmel Church Social Hall.

Preparation for the Derby started in late December 2017, when each Cub Scout was provided with an identical block of pine wood with four small nails and four plastic wheels contained in an official kit. Over the course the subsequent couple of weeks, each Cub Scout transformed that block into a gravity-powered car of their own imagination and design. While the younger Cub Scouts received more assistance from adults in building their car, it is not uncommon for the older Cub Scouts to complete much of the building and styling of their car with just a little supervision.

On race day, Scouts and family members lined the 35’ track to cheer all the cars as they raced multiple heats to first determine the fastest cars by each Den, and then to determine the overall fastest cars in the pack. In addition to trophies for wining Den and Pack-level races, there were also trophies awarded for various design categories including “Funniest Design” and “Most Realistic Design”. There was even a separate division for siblings and one for parents to race their own cars as well. Win or lose, everyone had a fun time both racing their own car, picking favorites among the other cars, and cheering through all the races.

Overall race winners across the Pack were:

1st Place: Jack Spetter with “Dragon”

2nd Place: Luke Starr with “the Pink Eraser”

3rd Place: Kerion Scanlan with “Silver Lightning”

Cub Scouts is for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. For more information, contact Pack 720 at email:, or visit the Boy Scouts of America homepage for Cub Scouts at

Photos by Jon Clark Online: