R. Roger Rowe Middle School teams take top honors at an FTC Robotics Tournament


A field of 16 teams from throughout the region gathered on Saturday, Jan. 13 at the R. Roger Rowe School for an FTC Robotics Tournament. The four Rowe Middle School teams who competed were RSF Intergalactic Dragons, RSF Singularity, RSF Virtual Vipers and RSF Logitechies. Intergalactic Dragons garnered a 1st place trophy and also scored 478 points during the last match of the day, which was the highest of any alliance team. Singularity was awarded a 2nd place trophy and scored the second highest points of the day (443) during its alliance match. In addition to the four Rowe teams, there were 12 additional visiting teams: SFC Techno Eagles, Syndicate, EngiNERDs, The Clueless, Crash Test, GPA Eagles, Gear Up, B1nary Drag0ns, Electric Dragons, The Golden Snake Smackers, The Golden Gears and Serendipity.

The next meet for the four R. Roger Rowe teams is at The Grauer School on Saturday, Jan. 27.