RSF Rotary Club members honor past member Bill Herrick


On June 13, the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club honored Bill and Donna Herrick. Bill passed away on Dec. 29, 2015.

Bill was a long time Rancho Santa Fe Rotarian, with a heart of gold.

He had a deep appreciation for hard work and understood early in life, the need to help others. Both he and Donna were active in establishing a Red Cross Clinic in Rosarito, Mexico. It was through their organized efforts that the RSF Rotary became involved in an annual bus trip to the area to distribute food staples, blankets and toys to those in need across the border.

He was a friend to all and introduced the RSF Rotary Club to the Rosarito Rotary Club. RSF Rotary Club members enjoyed many fiestas and gatherings when they were in Mexico and when the Rosarito Rotary Club members traveled north to visit Rancho Santa Fe.

Bill always gave back to those less fortunate, supporting The San Pasqual Academy, New Alternatives, residential treatment centers for abused children, and The Herrick Children’s Center. The RSF Rotary hosted several parties at these centers and held toy and gift drives for these children at Christmas time. Bill’s compassion and generosity will live on through his legacy.” – Written by Robin Chappelow of the RSF Rotary Club