Launch and push-off party forCureMatch Fall Regatta for Rady Genomic Pediatric Oncology Research


Dr. Tom and Ann Sergott hosted a benefit for Rady Children’s Institute For Genomic Medicine Nov. 10 kicking off a CureMatch-sponsored Regatta. The regatta took place Saturday, Nov. 11 in San Diego Bay. The Nov. 10 evening event, held at the Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance in RSF, featured amazing art and guests who included major hospital founders, collaborative doctors, and pediatric health experts from the U.S. and Mexico. CureMatch is committed to improving pediatric cancer care by offering a free report that guides pediatric oncologists in the selection of cancer drugs which are customized for individual patients based on their tumor sequencing data. Cancer experts crossed the borders, and mariners set sail to celebrate everyone’s common goals –better outcomes in pediatric cancer using precision medicine.

Racers united with Cortez Racing Association and harnessed the wind and faced the gusts head-on as the industry faces the challenges of cancer. Mexico has 100,000 cancer patients and only 180 oncologists. That’s 3.6 oncologists per million people. “The U.S. has 29 oncologists per million people,” says Stephen Saunderson, president of Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation (COP).

Rady Children’s Institute For Genomic Medicine’s mission is to enable “the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases through genomic and systems medicine research,” according to its website. Visit