RSF Library hosts ‘Letters Home from Stanford’ author


Author Alison Carpenter Davis discussed and signed her book, Letters Home From Stanford : 125 Years Of Correspondence from Students Of Stanford University, March 28 at the Rancho Santa Fe Library.

RSF resident Kim Smith Moffit read excerpts from the letters of her uncle, (William) Russell Smith, Class of 1941, that appear in the book. RSF resident Andrew Appleby also read a letter of his grandfather’s.

Letters Home from Stanford, a collection of the hand-written and electronic correspondence of generations of Stanford students, recalls the common human experience of breaking out and trying to find our way as we observe the world around us and look over a shoulder toward home. Anyone who attended or plans to attend college can relate to a vast majority of this book, Carpenter Davis said.

The books is available on, Warwick’s in La Jolla, and some copies are available at the RSF Library.