2018 Fandango: A Rancho Days Celebration


The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society held its 2018 Fandango Oct. 5. Via de Santa Fe was blocked off between Paseo Delicias and La Flecha for the event. The theme this year was “Follow The Water” in honor of the Lake Hodges Dam.

Tables donated by the RSF Golf Club and The Inn at RSF were dispersed on the street decorated with serapes and Mexican tablecloths and flower pots accompanied by votive candles, with street market lights overhead. The event featured a live band, “Alias,” and a presentation by the Santa Fe Water District highlighting the 2018 Centennial for the Lake Hodges Dam. Also of note was a children’s zone at one end of the street, sponsored by Jamie Danielle of Compass, which offered games and a huge bounce house for the children to enjoy.

The music played on after the dinner and some guests continued to dance in the street, while others sat and listened or visited with their friends and neighbors. The courtyard of La Flecha House, home to the RSF Historical Society, held numerous guests enjoying a variety of beverages.

For more information about the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society, call 858-756-9291, or visit its museum home at the corner of Via de Santa Fe and La Flecha, 6036 La Flecha. Visit