Poker players go all in for Graves Disease and Thyroid Foundation

Fellow friends and seriously competitive poker players gathered at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Jan. 1 for the Rancho Santa Fe Texas Hold'em Invitational Poker Tournament. The event benefited the Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation (GDATF).

The event featured a mix of skilled players, including celebrities such as author Richard Lederer, whose son and daughter are among the best-known and successful professional poker players in the world, and popular reality TV show stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda from "Storage Wars."

The first-place championship prize went to Lena Evans. Second place, "On A Draw," went to Ranjit Randhawa and third place, "Runner-Runner," went to Jon Towers.

The biggest winner of the tournament was the Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation, a charity in Rancho Santa Fe that provides education and support services to those with thyroid-related disorders. Steve Flynn and Kathleen Bell Flynn, co-chairs of GDATF, organized the event.

GDATF board member and Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center board president Carla DiMare attended the event. Steve Flynn and Kathleen Bell Flynn, who are co-chairs of GDATF, organized the event. "This charity is dear to our hearts. It is the only charity of its kind in the nation. We want to give a shout-out to our friends and supporters. Your support in every way is huge! Our New Year's resolution is to continue going all-in for a wonderful cause, always!

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