Future Legends Celebration

Future Legends gathered Dec. 28 at the RSF Golf Club to celebrate the accomplishment of the Future Legend scholars and their mentors. John Ashworth joined the evening as keynote speaker and shared stories of his road to success with Ashworth Golf Clothing, from its modest beginnings to its growth as a publicly traded company and its rise to one of the top lifestyle apparel brands of the 1990s. As often happens, the road to success had many unexpected twists and turns and the scholars were impressed and inspired by his stories and enthused with his friendly manner.

The Future Legends scholarship program has been successful because of the hands-on approach in working with these students throughout their years in school. As the number of students grew it became apparent that more hands were needed to help guide these young students toward their intended success and, thus, the Mentoring Group was established among the members of the RSF Golf Club.

Two couples are assigned to each Future Legend scholar, allowing better opportunity for communication, guidance, plus activities and contacts when they were home during school breaks. The mentoring process has been like an extended family for the students, offering guidance and caring feedback for school and study challenges. Bev and Jim Boyce oversee the Mentoring program and guide the mentors as they guide the scholars. Furthermore, activities are arranged at the RSF Golf Club that brings these students together, like the dinner last Wednesday, creating yet another bonding opportunity among the scholars themselves, as well as with their mentors.

All of the Future Legends scholars have been selected from the Pro Kids/First Tee of San Diego organization of the PGA Tour where their mission is to challenge underserved youth to excel in life by promoting character development, life skills and values through education and the game of golf. Although the scholars may share a common interest and love of golf, their studies and goals are far beyond the game of golf.

The universities they attend are Berkeley, UCSD, UC Irvine, Southwestern and UC Riverside. All of these students have been in the top ranking of their high schools, including one of the most recent scholars having earned the distinction of valedictorian. Their majors are in political science, business economics, communications, accounting, human biology, bio chemistry, pharmacological chemistry, and computer science. Anne Feighner McCarthy heads up the successful selection committee and will begin the process again come April for the Future Legends newest scholarship winners.