Future Legends mentors, board meet at RSF Golf Club


The Future Legends mentors and board of directors met at the RSF Golf Club March 2 to welcome back to RSF their first graduate, Steven Sakara, as well as to nominate and officially install Sakara as a member of the board of directors. Sakara graduated from Baylor University in 2016 and immediately expressed his desire to “give back” to the scholarship program which provided him with not only financial support but also emotional support in boosting his confidence while at university. In addition to being a vital participating part of the board, Sakara will continue with his favorite endeavor, the mentoring of the younger students.

Vearl Smith also announced an exciting new phase of the scholarship program for the upcoming graduates, a stipend to buy suitable clothing for career opportunity interviews. Nordstrom is collaborating with Future Legends and their mentors to provide personal shoppers to assist these students in selecting appropriate business attire.

Also announced were “ticklers” regarding two new fundraising programs; Coin-Up will benefit all the local RSF 501(c)3 organizations and Songwriting for Soldiers will be the focus and shared fundraiser with Future Legends this summer on Sept. 11.

Future Legends is a 501(c)3 organization awarding two scholarships each year to qualified students for the four-year duration of their university studies. Mentors are assigned to each student to help guide these young people through the challenges with regard to their studies. The selection process has already begun for the new scholars, in cooperation with the First Tee S.D. subsidiary, Pro Kids. New mentors will also be needed. If you are interested in helping with this rewarding aspect of the Future Legends, please email Daria Quay at