Coach C’s Walk Against Cancer

 Coach C’s Walk Against Cancer
Addison Gonzalez, Riya Agarwal
(Jon Clark)

Torrey Pines High School hosted Coach C’s Walk Against Cancer March 30 honoring members of the Falcon family who have been impacted by cancer. The 5K walk moves around the Torrey Pines track and campus.

“Through this event, we hope to inspire a sense of unity and to raise money in support of the American Cancer Society,” said Associated Student Body representatives Arie Bialostozky and Jake Noble. “Additionally, we hope that this inspires many Falcon families who are grieving loved ones, fighting to survive, or attempting to find a cure.”

This was the fifth year for the Coach C walk, which honors the life of Scott Chodorow. Known as Coach C, Chodorow was a beloved ASB advisor and cheer coach who passed away from lymphoma in 2014. Arie and Jake have been working to upgrade the event to raise money to fight all forms of cancer, with help from the Relay for Life Club on campus that is associated with the American Cancer Society.

The walk also honored the life of Kit Moffett, a 19-year English teacher at Torrey Pines who passed away in December. Visit