Teens, Jeans and Dreams event supports the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy


Imagine taking care of hundreds of teenagers for over 17 years. Then imagine supporting many of them, as they graduate and further their education, going off to universities, colleges and trade schools. Friends of San Pasqual Academy has been supporting the foster teens and graduates of San Pasqual Academy and has provided college scholarships, athletic programs, academic programs, art and music programs, proms, yearbooks, clothing, school supplies, holiday parties and more for their students. Most importantly, a relationship of love, trust and support has been cultivated with the foster teens by the continuous presence of the wonderful volunteers and donors, who really do care about them.

Friends of San Pasqual Academy hosted a Team Penning competition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Arena to raise funds to continue to care for the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy. The 2018 Chairperson for “Teens, Jeans and Dreams” was Paul Seitz. Committee members included Gina Daley, Lynn Devenport, San Pasqual Valley Ranch, Heidi Hollen, Lois Jones, Karen Ventura, Teri Summerhays, Kathy Lathrum, Andrea Reynolds, Monica Sheets, Pia Jensen, Erika Spinazzola, Melissa Pederson, Pia Jensen, Dr. Anne Mc Cabe, Kelly Fielder Davis, Carole Markstein, Ken Markstein, George Scott, Joanie Spence, Debby Syverson and Joan Scott. Teen Volunteers In Action, which is made up of young men and their mothers, and National Charity League members, which is made up of young women and their mothers, helped with Teens, Jeans and Dreams and have been a key part of this event for many years.

Sponsors for Teens, Jeans and Dreams were Todd and Nicole Mikles, Brian and Denise Caster, Marc and Patty Brutten, John and Gina Daley, Hugh and Joy Bancroft, Steve and Kris Charton, Art and Catherine Nicholas, Scott and Franci Free, Don and Taunya Daley, Ken and Carole Markstein, Mike and Erika Spinazzola, Steve and Jennifer Dunn, Sandy and Peter Mossy, Bill and Connie Mc Nally, Dana Falk, Coleen Freeman, Rancho Santa Fe Jewelers, Buck and Kay Bennett, Mike and Linda Gallagher, John and Heidi Farkash, Mary Beth and Dave Oblon and Joe Herrick. Dr. Anne Mc Cabe of ABJ Equine provided all the dinners for the riders and foster teens who attended the event.

Karen Ventura coordinated a silent auction that included jewelry, wine, cowboy hats, purses, paintings, a wood-carved horse with two foals, baby baskets, vacation stays, spa treatments, a Scotch-tasting party at the Faison barn, riding lessons and more. All these items were donated. Gina Daley made special purchases for this auction and contributed many unique items that many enjoyed.

Teams of three riders comprised a team penning team. Some of the local riders that competed in this event were Mandy Porter, Leah Von Henkle, Emmy Sobieski, Jose Gonzalez, Colleen Wilson, Paul Seitz, Luis Cardenas, Denise Phillips, Cerise Zamaripa, Nate Valley, Amanda Lewis, Rebecca James, Joe Herrick, Lindsay LaPlante, Sadie Greerhart, Allegra Davis, Michael Avery, Lynn Devenport, Kelley Fielder Davis, Bridgette Latlaye, Geneva Pina and Joan Scott. The riders cut out three cows with the same number, out of a herd of thirty cows and put them in a pen that was at the other end of the arena. It was very exciting watching these riders do this, since the team of three riders with the fastest time wins the competition.

The 2018 Calcutta winners were: First Place Hugh and Joy Bancroft; Second Place Jim Mayer;

Third Place was Steve Hoffman.

All the Calcutta winners donated their winnings back to the Friends of San Pasqual Academy.

The 2018 Teens, Jeans and Dreams Team Penning Champions were:

First Place: Michael Avery, Jessica King and Tara Crook

Second Place: Collette Whitten, Amanda Lewis and James Greer

Third Place: Lindsay LaPlante, Suzanne Anarde and Danny Tolkan

Fourth Place: Cerise Zamarripa, Gail Cantrell and James Greer

Fifth Place: Joyce Tolkan, Terry Crook and Lorraine Casserly

Sixth Place: Mindy Devenport Siataga, Elaine Feinberg and Erin Hill.

All the riders were very competitive and loved the timed-competition of putting three cows in a pen. This event provides support of the foster students and graduates of San Pasqual Academy.There are over 70 graduates that are furthering their education, whether it is at a four-year university, community college or trade school. Our students currently are attending UCLA, San Francisco State, San Jose State, Cal State San Marcos, San Diego State, Humbolt State, Palomar College, Southwestern College, Miracosta College, various trade schools, to name a few. Academic, Athletic, Music and Art programs, clothing, school events are supported by Friends of San Pasqual Academy. The volunteers have been taking care of the foster students for over 17 years.

Friends of San Pasqual Academy is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that enriches the lives of foster teens of San Pasqual Academy. For further questions regarding this information, please call (858) 759-3298 or visit Donations can also be sent to P.O. Box 8202, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.