Canyon Crest Academy grad releases new book of affirmations

Kim Peretz

A Canyon Crest Academy graduate recently released a book of more than 100 affirmations aimed at helping teens “unleash their potential and live a life that is aligned with their most authentic selves.”

Kim Peretz, 17, graduated high school early and has been writing and working on other personal projects.

She said her latest book, “Miracle Mantras: 111 Affirmations to Transform Your Life,” can help teens “become conscious of our internal thoughts and dialogue.”

“The reason I wrote it is I believe that I’ve done a lot of studying about the subconscious mind and how words impact our lives,” Peretz said. “I believe our thoughts have the power to shift our lives and create a different reality for us.”

She added, “Being a teenager, obviously kids struggle with a lot of things like mental health and stress and your insecurities and you’re finding yourself.

“Something that helped me in my own journey is positive affirmations and finding my own power from within, and realizing that I am strong and worthy all from within and that’s not dependent on other people,” Peretz said.

The book was printed in a small square size that teens and other children can easily fit by their bedroom nightstands, Peretz said, whenever they feel like finding an affirmation that resonates with them.

“I want people who read it to realize that they’re worthy and powerful and strong, and they can transform their lives and reframe their self-limiting beliefs and unleash their true potential,” Peretz said.

“I’m really happy about the impact it’s going to make,” she added.

Peretz said that her ongoing projects include a podcast, writing another book, volunteering and other activities. She hasn’t made a decision about college.

“I’m still trying to figure out my ideas,” she said. “For now, my goals are to continue to grow my podcast and grow the understanding in society of positive affirmation.”

Peretz previously wrote and published a book titled “Dani’s Diary: 7th Grade in a Nutshell – the story of the trials and tribulations of a seventh grader.” Two years ago she was selected to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference as a National Youth Correspondent representing California and Canyon Crest Academy.

“Miracle Mantras” is available at