Children’s book helps explain pandemic to kids

Educational therapist Daisy Vaisburg wrote a children's book to help explain the pandemic to kids.

San Diego educational therapist Daisy Vaisburg recently wrote a children’s book to help parents explain the COVID-19 pandemic to their children.

“Cory V, The Virus”, a $1.99 e-book available on Amazon, takes a light-hearted approach to a serious subject, educating children about the crisis that the world is experiencing and helping parents make sense of this time.

Vaisburg grew up in Carmel Valley and attended Del Mar Hills, Ashley Falls and Carmel Valley Middle School, graduating from Torrey Pines High School in 2005. A graduate of UCLA, she got her master’s degree in special education and educational therapy from California State University Northridge.

As an educational therapist, Vaisburg works to build students’ confidence and improve their academic skills. She works with kids with various learning difficulties and challenges to make the overall learning experience easier, arming students of all ages and grade levels with tools and strategies to navigate school and make it less painful.

Daisy Vaisburg

“I’m all about making it fun because school can be difficult and students are more interested in learning when you can make it fun,” Vaisburg said.

Prior to the stay-at-home order, Vaisburg’s offices were in Fairbanks Ranch Plaza in Rancho Santa Fe and she is in the process of opening up her own practice in the area. For now she has transitioned to virtual sessions for students during this strange time for education, employing the new motto: “Don’t let pandemics affect your child’s academics.”

Vaisburg got the idea to write the book from a 5-year-old student she was working with before the stay-at-home order went into effect. The student didn’t understand why Vaisburg was wiping everything down in her office and questioning why she couldn’t go to school.

Vaisburg’s “sweet” little children’s book is a rhyming poem featuring the fuzzy green nemesis Cory-V, illustrated by Francisco Mora.

“It can be kind of scary right now,” Vaisburg said. “The book helps them understand what’s happening without it being a scary moment.”

In the book, kids will learn the origins of the virus, how it spreads and what to do to prevent it from “catching you,” as well as some notes about making the best of new home routines. There’s even a little bit on why there’s no toilet paper.

“It’s straight to the point, it doesn’t go into details that kids don’t need to know,” Vaisburg said. “It lets them know that things will be OK, we just need to take some extra steps to keep ourselves safe.”

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