RSF Art Guild offers new art demonstrations at Roger Rowe and other community schools

(Right) Alex Schaefer with his on-the-spot portrait of teacher Dana Dabney (left) who opened her R. Roger Rowe class to him.

The Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild kicked off a new program to bring a professional artist into the classrooms of Roger Rowe and other schools that serve the community. The program, which is funded by a grant from the RSF Foundation, began with artist Alex Schaefer demonstrating his approach to portrait painting in a middle school class at Roger Rowe School on Wednesday, May 2. Schaefer began the class with insights from famous artists such as Van Gogh on relations of colors and values. He then painted an on-the-spot portrait of teacher Dana Dabney who opened her class to him.

As he painted, Schaefer introduced the students to concepts that are likely to stay with them over the years. He spoke about his work designing video games and how he thought computers were going to change the arts. In addition, he taught art history and painting techniques.Schaefer is well known for his 20-minute portraits that he has demonstrated in Art Guild demos for adults in the community. This week he had a chance to share his ideas on capturing the essence of a person in a short time period.

The Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild plans to continue these classroom instructional demos at least once a semester with funding from the Foundation. For more information about the demos, contact the Guild at