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California contemporary art master Dan McCaw: innovating perception to explore the familiar

Timmons Galleries | Leigh Timmons

California contemporary art encompasses a vast field, and includes artists practicing in a wide variety of disciplines. Among those artists, however, some stand apart: and as one of the nation’s most well respected contemporary painters, Dan McCaw numbers among the modern masters of the genre. A native of Butte, Montana, McCaw made his way to California in the 1960s, where he began his professional art training at the San Francisco Academy of Art. He went on to study the Art Center of Design in Pasadena after abandoning a commercial career for the life of a fine artist; and more than forty years later, his choice has paid off handsomely in the form of a renowned painting career distinguished by a unique interpretation of romantic impressionism, individual expressionism and a constantly evolving perception of the familiar world.

California fine art painter evokes stunning variety of native landscape

Timmons Galleries | Leigh Timmons

For many Californians and tourists alike, one of the state’s most distinctive features is it’s diverse landscape: a rare blend of mountains, deserts and beaches that unites many of nature’s most impressive features in a single, charmed locale. As a life-long local resident turned California landscape painter, Robin Hall may be among those most grateful and cognizant of these advantages. A passionate observer and perpetual student of the interplay between land, sea and light in her native state, Hall revels in the artistic bounty of her local scenery; and after years spent striving to, as she puts it, “figure it out,” Hall has happily succumbed to the realization that an artist is forever a student – one who submits daily to the challenge of capturing reality and grows stronger by never ceasing to learn.

Romance, realism and perpetual light: a treat for the senses this holiday season

Timmons Galleries | Leigh Timmons

Throughout the winter months, light is at a premium; and even here in San Diego, the holidays bring with them a season of shorter days and darker skies. Naturally, we tend to compensate with everything we can – from candles to Christmas lights to glittering party dresses; and here at the gallery, we’re joining in this year with a fine art exhibit featuring John Asaro, a contemporary master of the lively unpredictability of light as it plays upon both the inanimate world and the lively motion of the human form.

Neal Preston brings rock-n-roll edge, iconic glamour to the world of fine art photography

Timmons Galleries | Leigh Timmons

Led Zeppelin, the Who, Queen, Bruce Springsteen and Whitney Houston are rock legends of undeniable and epic proportion; but besides their shared fame and iconic status, these artists are also tied together by another common thread in the form of world-class photographer Neal Preston. With a career spanning the most important decades in rock-n-roll history, Preston has made a major contribution to the pop-culture archives of his generation – not to mention the world of fine art photography.

Original Michelangelo castings bring iconic art and spiritual inspiration to a global audience

Timmons Galleries | Leigh Timmons

For five hundred years, Michelangelo’s majestic “Pietà” has inspired the art world and religious community alike as a perfect representation of spiritual grace and aesthetic ideals. Created for the glory of the church and housed in the Vatican itself, this iconic work attracts countless visitors each year: and now, the bust of the Virgin Mary from this historic masterpiece has been cast once again from a master made from the Vatican’s mold of the original – making it possible for congregations and private owners worldwide to share in Michelangelo’s celebrated vision.

Village gallery to host unprecedented exhibition for celebrated artist John Asaro

Timmons Galleries | Leigh Timmons

As a master of contemporary impressionism, John Asaro is a rare artist – one whose work embodies the simultaneous precision and fluidity of the human form, and celebrates the endless characterization made possible by ever changing, ever present light. Known throughout the country for his distinctive and award-winning nudes and dancer series’, Asaro is currently recognized as a leading fine artist in his field; and this month, the Timmons Galleries is proud to announce Asaro’s premier San Diego exhibition as he prepares to take his work from here to the Santa Barbara Museum Exhibition, New York City and beyond.


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