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Covenant residents: Are you registered to vote?

Ann Boon

Well, sure I am, you say. You voted in the last Presidential election, right? Well, you may be registered to vote in the State of California, but that does not necessarily mean you are registered to vote in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant elections. Have you been receiving ballots each spring to vote in the Board of Directors elections? If not, you need to call the Association office and ask if you are registered. If you are not, ask them to mail you a registration packet.

The Buzz: Covenant residents: What you need to know now

Ann Boon

This Thursday, Feb. 6, there will be a very important open meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors. It will be held at the Garden Club at 9 a.m.

Item 1: The purchase of the RSF Garden Club building by the RSF Association.

After months of negotiations, the RSF Association board and the RSF Garden Club board have reached an agreement. All the documents have been finalized. At our Thursday meeting the Association board will review all the transaction deal points for the public.

Unleashing Excellence through Creativity


By Kevin Yaley Nurturing our students’ creativity is an important part of the Francis Parker School mission. At Parker, instruction in the arts helps students develop qualities essential for success in college and beyond. By practicing performing and visual arts, our students learn the essential skills of flexible thinking, risk-taking and persistence. That’s why we [...]

Investing in Your Second Largest Asset – Landscaping


By Steve Jacobs, Nature Designs Aside from your home, your landscape is typically the second largest personal asset you own.  It’s an asset that can add tens of thousands of dollars of value to your home. Landscaping not only adds value immediately; it continues adding value for years to come because while other home renovations, [...]

The Art of Luxury Real Estate


By Janet Christ When it comes to luxury real estate, no two properties are exactly alike – but that’s great news for the discerning buyer. That’s because buyers today want more than just a home – they want real estate that reflects their personal taste, style, mood and ambiance. In this sense, our homes are [...]

The Buzz: Mid-Year Report: No time for retreat!

Ann Boon

Remember back in September I told you this board, along with staff, came out of our goal-setting retreat energized and “full steam ahead?” Well, we haven’t slowed down a bit. Staff and members of various committees are working on so many projects that, in the interest of efficiency and reducing the burden on staff, the board has chosen to cut back regular meetings to one a month versus two. It remains to be seen whether we can sustain that schedule. As the board is faced with new projects, more funding questions and other issues that need to be decided, we will probably have to have additional monthly meetings.

2014 Stocks Outlook: Cautiously Optimistic


By Chris L. Meacham, CPA, Cornerstone Wealth Management Stock analysts are optimistic about stocks for 2014. Job growth has picked up. Congress appears ready to reach a fiscal deal. The Fed’s plan to taper its stimulus package proves the economy is getting stronger. In fact, according to the article “Recovery will prolong US stocks rally” [...]

Winter Tips for Your Rancho Santa Fe Landscape


By Steve Jacobs Although it can be hard to tell here in San Diego, with our blue skies and t-shirt weather, it is winter. Most of us associate winter with the holidays, family time, and curling up by the fire, not with spending time in our gardens. That’s what spring and summer are for, right? [...]

Opening doors and letting the light in

Ann Boon

At the last meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe Association board, the main item of interest on the agenda was the status of the negotiations for the purchase of the RSF Garden Club. Although, as an item of contract, the negotiations had been held in closed sessions, members requested a discussion in an open meeting. The board reported that an agreement has been reached with the Garden Club and now it is up to attorneys to draw up legal documents for the purchase and lease arrangements. We will be presenting the details of those documents in open session as we receive them. Every future open session will have an update on the Garden Club purchase until the transaction is closed.

Empowering Students Through STEAM


By Kevin Yaley, Francis Parker School One of the major goals in Parker’s recently approved Strategic Plan is to inspire academic excellence through the design and development of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Program. This STEAM Program will provide our students with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills acquired in content area [...]


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